Strength from God in Hard Times

Do you have an experience of Strength from God in Hard Times? In the month of New Year January 2018 has been a causing physical or psychological pain. Still have this month of April to move. I have started learning to be away from all the people, thanks to my problems are with me. I have been forcing through for the next determination. My Testimony of however on April 1st, 2018, I will be able to be 40 years make clean and serious. At 27, I had selected life over death; I even have defeat and never looked back. I failed to want something when I went cold to my native place. I therefore believe, I had a God treatment, although I never very realized. I wished to truly give up and die.

I have suffering individuals, accidentally and lost them in my life. I am taking this month to essentially go far and notice my way. 40 years is my greatest achievement for my life in person. I decide to contribution my expertise as a completely regained habit-forming of medicine and alcoholic beverages. My God modified my living and continues with me through it all. Strength from God in Hard Times I am quite a vanquisher and might do all matters through Christ that gain strength me!

He giveth power to the faint; and to him that hath

no might he increaseth strength.

Isaiah 40:29

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